Company Values

The values that create GMH’s environment are based on a fundamental respect for the rights, aspirations, and dignity of every individual – associate, customer, subcontractor, supplier and others with whom we come in contact.

  • We value our reputation and recognize that it can only be maintained if we commit to the highest level of integrity, both personal and professional. It is the accepted standard in our performance and the key to earning respect and trust…from our associates, customers, subcontractors and suppliers.
  • We value our relationship with all of our customers, both internal and external, and understand that the customer’s perception of the quality of our work is the defining criteria.
  • We value our associates and will treat each with the same level of respect, support and professionalism with which we treat each valued customer. We understand that we must invest in them so they are able to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations as well as grow and provide for their families.
  • We value hard work and innovation. We recognize that in order for our success to continue, each one of us must have a strong commitment to our efforts. We must be creative, receptive to new ideas and adaptive to change. We must work closely together as a team so that the rewards of our hard work can be shared.
  • We value our relationship with our subcontractors and suppliers. We recognize that they are an integral part to the successful attainment of our goal. We will do our best to understand their needs and work closely with them in an effort to foster open communication.

Personal Commitments (made by each of our associates)

In order to make our mission and our values a reality, I recognize that I must, and commit that I will live by, the following in dealing with my customers, my fellow associates, our subcontractors, our suppliers and others with whom I come in contact:

  • I understand the commitment of this company to building the highest quality homes possible, as well as our mission and values. I will be a positive force in both their maintenance and attainment.
  • I will do my part to maintain and build upon the quality reputation, image and tradition this company has in the Fresno market.
  • I am a professional who knows my job and performs at the highest level possible all of the time.
  • I will be attentive to my customer’s needs, both internal and external, so that I can provide them with innovative solutions to their specific situation. I will be proactive in offering them guidance and suggestions. I recognize that we are about more than just performing our job or selling homes. We are selling the very best in customer service…every time.
  • I will not compromise our values for profit or personal gain.
  • I will not accept mediocrity in the quality of my work or in my relationships with others.
  • I will embrace change, rather than resist it.
  • I respect the diversity and individuality of others with whom I come in contact.
  • I am dedicated to the growth and advancement of our associates based on merit not favoritism or sentiment.
  • I will do my best to see that work is challenging and interesting. I value efforts that are creative, innovative and stimulating.
  • I will encourage and praise my fellow associates on a job well done.
  • I will have an energetic approach to solving problems and streamlining our processes.
  • I will refrain from griping, running down others, making excuses, gossiping and starting or feeding rumors. I recognize that politics has no place in this company.
  • I will not create or contribute to an atmosphere of fear.
  • I will make decisions according to my expertise and level of responsibility. I will accept accountability for those decisions and I will involve those most impacted in the decision process.
  • I will constantly be aware of the need to communicate, and I will do so openly in a clear, concise manner. I will seek to insure that directions, whether given or received, are understood.
  • I recognize the importance of maintaining a balance between our personal and professional lives; the importance of a sense of humor, positive laughter and fun at work.

From House to Home

The most important thing we try to remember as developers is that although we build houses, our buyers purchase homes. We truly understand that a home is different from a house, for a home is a place where a family should feel safest and most comfortable. A place of refuge, joy and peace. . . a haven where worldly cares fade, and precious people and things become the focus.

We believe that there are several key elements that go into this transition from house to home, beginning with the land acquistion. The land should be in the very best location, close to schools, recreational facilities, and places of worship. It must also be conveniently near to quality shopping and dining establishments.

Our long history of prior developments speaks convincingly of our ability to purchase and develop the best land as well as to design and build houses in locations that buyers yearn to call home. This is true whether it’s located in neighborhoods like Lake Van Ness, The Masters Collection, Country Club At The Fort, or Copper Ridge Estates. The tradition continues today in our current projects like Copperline Estates, Morgan Run, and especially at Copper River Ranch, our newest community which includes Villa Alicante, The Links, Kensington, and La Buena Vida surrounding the beautiful Copper River Country Club.

These are primarily gated communities, which, like the lots within them, are bordered by block walls creating that atmosphere of security and privacy we all hope to find when at home.
Our mission is to be the builder of choice in the markets we serve for buyers desiring to purchase the highest quality home available in a community environment. Our goal, from the date of reservation to close of escrow, is to do whatever we can to turn one of our houses into our buyer’s home.