Why should I buy a Gary McDonald home?

Because the name and reputation are synonymous with quality and value. This is not only important when buying…it’s equally as important when selling.

What is Gary McDonald Homes’ business philosophy?

We are a values driven company. We purchase and develop the communities within which we build. Our mission is to be the builder of choice in the markets we serve for buyers desiring to purchase the highest quality home available in a community environment. Most of our homes are located in gated communities, or if not gated, in subdivisions that still create a community lifestyle. Please review our Values and Commitments for more information about our philosophy.

How long has Gary McDonald Homes been building?

We have been developing land and building homes since 1970.

Do I get to make important selections to the home so that it can fit my lifestyle and taste?

Absolutely. When you contract with us to build one of our estate homes you will be involved with every detail. *See Building Process

How many different plans are available to select from?

We have more than 30 plans with two or more elevations. However, not all plans are available in all communities. Please inquire with one of our sales associates.  *See Plans

What size of homes do you build?

We build homes ranging from around 2300 square feet to well over 5000 square feet.
See Plans

Will you build any of these homes anywhere?

Contact a Sales Associate for more details.

What choices do I have if I want to purchase a Gary McDonald home?

You have three choices:

(1) Buy one of our homes that are already finished or nearly finished.
(2) Contract with us to build one of our more that 28 custom plans that have a multitude of flexible options and elevations.
(3) Contract with us to design and build your dream home.

How long does it take to build a Gary McDonald home?

It depends on the home you want and selections you make. There are many variables involved in the home building process.

Will you build one of your homes on my lot?

We prefer to build on a lot in a community we have developed. In some cases however, we will consider building on your lot if it is located close to one of our other communities.

Can you summarize the process one goes through in purchasing a Gary McDonald Homes?

 It’s really as simple as this:

(1) Meet with one of our Sales Associates.
(2) Select which home you would like on which lot.
(3) Enter into a reservation to purchase and make a fully refundable deposit.
(4) Take a few days to review all of the contractual documents and get pre-qualified.
(5) Meet with our design team to make you major selects so we can determine the exact cost.
(6) Enter into contract. *See Building Process

If I decide to purchase a home that is already finished, or in which construction has already begun, can I make any selections or changes?

This depends on the specific home, the stage of construction it is in, and the selections or changes desired. We try very hard to work with all of our buyers.

For further information please contact
Brian Hertel at (559) 256-4533 or (559) 307-1761.